"The Prom Kings of the Merrimack Valley" Gig @ the Back Page - Lowell, MA 5/27/16 

Prom season is in full swing!  While it might be technically possible for some of you to attend both a senior prom as well as legally enter and drink in a bar this month, the rest of you will have to come on down to the Back Page in Lowell on Friday May 27th to get your fill of awkward dancing and alcoholic consumption away from the prying eyes of parental supervision.

Come on down and see Juice Fedenyszen do two things he was born to do; rock a cummerbund and slap a Fender bass.    
Andrew Martin Experience Live @ the Back Page
FRI May 27th
9pm - 1am
15 Kearney Sq
Lowell, MA

Andrew Martin - Vocals/Guitar
Erin Martin - Vocals 
Justin Fedenyszen - Slap Bass
Dave Shrewsbury - Keys
Drums - David Bickel 


Andrew and Erin's interview/performance on Citywide Blackout 

Thank you again to Max Bowen and Matt Zappa for hosting Erin and me on Citywide Blackout last Thursday!! I had a great time on the show!!  If you missed it and want to hear it, you can check it out here! 

Erin and I are on the first segment (about the first 30 minutes or so)

Andrew Live on Citywide Blackout/WEMF 

This Thursday (2/11) I am very excited to be a guest on Citywide Blackout!     

"Citywide Blackout is a weekly live radio show that spotlights the independent art scene of New England. They feature a mix of musicians, authors, filmmakers, and much more." 

The show airs from 8-10pm, and we'll be talking a bit about what I've been up to lately, my gig the next night at the Back Page in Lowell,  and hopefully, there will be some time for a live performance of a few chestnuts from the Andrew Martin catalog.    

You can listen to Citywide Blackout/WEMF at 

Additionally, for those of you that like to actively participate in your music enjoyment experiences, you can call in live questions and be featured on the air as well!  The phone # is 617-500-7100.  You can also post questions to the show's Facebook page at and, which are both monitored throughout the show.  

Max Bowen and Matt Zappa at Citywide Blackout are two great guys who really love what they do, and their support of so many local artists is a tremendous asset to the local scene.  Even if you don't get a chance to check out this show, I highly recommend that you check out some future shows or scan their blog for past shows 


"Will You Be My Valentine?" Gig @ the Back Page - Lowell, MA 2/12/15 

Can you think of a more romantic way of celebrating the Friday before Valentine's Day than being shot through the heart with an arrow-sharp Andew Martin guitar solo, or perhaps, lovingly slapped on the bottom with the firm yet understanding hand of a Judd Fedenyszen bass fill?  Better still, the pitter-patter of David Bickel's bass drum will set your heart beating boom boom boom.  If the truly angelic voice of Erin Martin doesn't ascend you into an amorous altitude, then at last, beholding the sight of Dave Shrewsbury clothed in nothing sans girdle and the contents of a whole bottle of Johnson and Johnson's baby oil surely will! 

All these antique and gilded acts of chivalrous romance await thee at the Back Page.  

Can't wait to see you there!

Andrew Martin Machine
Live @ the Back Page
9:00pm - 12:30am
15 Kearney Sq
Lowell, MA

Andrew Martin over the air! 

Tune in to 92.5 The River tomorrow night @ 10 pm to hear the Homegrown Music Showcase play '60 Seconds to the Chorus' off the recently released Andrew Martin : EP 1!  I'm very exited to sit in my car and listen to my music playing on my car stereo's number 1 preset!

Gig @ the Back Page - Lowell, MA 11/27/15 

How much more black can this year's Black Friday get?  "None more" with the Andrew Martin Experience live at the Back Page in Lowell!! Come on out and dance off all those extra Thanksgiving helpings on the dance floor!  We won't stop until we see mashed potatoes and green bean casserole coming out of your pores!!

In the spirit of Black Friday doorbusters, get there early at 9pm to see the awesome Hollywood Ghosts.

Andrew Martin Experience! Live!
Friday 11/27/15
10:00pm - 1:00am

Back Page
15 Kearney Sq
Lowell, MA 01852

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